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At Sound Post we provide creative audio production for local and global businesses, music, voice, and sound design for TV & radio advertising, film, software, and foreign language translations.   We collaborate with agencies, filmmakers, authors, musicians, and voice talent to produce creative projects like CDs, films, children's books, educational software, and much, much, more. Contact us to discuss your project.

Featured Work:                                                                                                                                                                           News Archives

COMMUNITY OPEN HOUSE - Thursday December 3rd.  from 3-5pm.   Sound Post's doors will be open to our neighbors for tours, talk, and refreshments.   Join us!

An invitation-only event follows at 5:30pm.

FALL 2015 - Coming in 2016 to a Sunday school near you.  'The Action Bible' is currently in production at Sound Post.


FALL 2015 - SOUND POST - THE WATER PROJECT.   Music, voice, and sound inspired by water.


Creative Sound:
"If it sounds good, it is good." ~ Duke Ellington

Music & Artists:
Original music and album production.

A World of Voices:
A world of voices for our client's productions (foreign language recording).

Watch and listen to some of our current and favorite work.

Photo Tour:
Take a tour of Sound Post.