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At Sound Post we provide creative audio production for local and global businesses, music, voice, and sound design for TV & radio advertising, film, software, and foreign language translations.   We collaborate with agencies, filmmakers, authors, musicians, and voice talent to produce creative projects like CDs, films, children's books, educational software, and much, much, more. Contact us to discuss your project.

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MARCH 2014 - Sound Post hosted the band Future Islands for their 'Here And Now' interview on NPR.   Days after their appearance on The Late Show with David Letterman, NPR host Jeremy Hobson interviewed the band using our ISDN connection.

OCTOBER 2013 - Sound Post provided the audio post production, mixing, and sound design for the new 'Charlie & Company' video series produced by the School Zone Company.

APRIL 2014 - The narration for the opening teaser of the 2014 Indianapolis 500 was recorded in Sound Post's Studio B.   Combining a montage of select historical race footage, the music of The Rolling Stone's 'Gimme Shelter,' and a superb narration by actor Kevin Yon (recorded at Sound Post for ESPN using our ISDN connection) this race tribute broadcast was seen by millions.


Creative Sound:
"If it sounds good, it is good." ~ Duke Ellington

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Original music and album production.

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A world of voices for our client's productions (foreign language recording).

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